Personal & Collaborative projects

This part of the website presents you my personnal projects and my passions.

The project that I devote my personal time fall under three categories.

  • Informatics projects
  • Mechanical projects
  • Others

Informatics projects

This area reference all the personal informatics projects, point of interest and attention. is a website of a massage parlour which aims to get persons rid of stress and improve their well Read more
Energia-Analyza-Urządze logonia
I actively collaborated with Tomasz SZYMANSKI in order to help him to set up his website. This website give you Read more
DB Template Handler Screen Shot
As the ORMs (Object Relational Model) are now very used in the computer development project in order to manage interfacing Read more

Mechanical and structure designing projects

Very passionated by milling, welding, robotics and so on, here you will find my project and other point of interests that I have experienced.

When you buy a welder, very often the welder does not come with it's own support cart. Very often your Read more