Researched projects

It is know ten year that I evolve in the area of computer science and finance. My professional experience was made from Finance Commando/Support development, long term IT System designing (Mainly based on SOLID Architecture Principles).

I am very fond of any kind of interesting problem which require analysis and some kind of resourcefulness.

In Finance

Having worked in finance from 10 years now, as commando developer and software engineer, I had the opportunities to work in the cash reinvestment branches of Société General Securities Services/Investment Banking, La Française AM, La Banque Postale AM and Natixis AM. I designed/redesigned and recast more than 10 different IT systems enhancing the quality and data throughput and adding new functionalities.

I am very eager to work on topics like :

  • Technical Analysis
  • Risk assessment (Greeks, Ratings, SCR, etc…)
  • Any new model integration
  • Trading systems
  • Order settlement processes
  • Profit and Lost follow up systems

Technical analysis is the area that I particularly like.

Project Management

Very interested with management, I can :

  • Collect needs and synthesize them effectively
  • Make functional-technical analyzes and related costs assessment
  • Create and structure communication method (Jira, BaseCamp…)
  • Setup project and identify its milestones, risks, benefits, costs.
  • Build efficient reporting methods
  • Cope with cultural differences
  • Setup communication workshop about technical and functional issues

I consider that communication is the basement of a successful project, and a good communication is prerequisite to fear mitigation and project members evolution.


With more than 10 years experience of information technology, I can cope with the following language, framework and architectures.

I have a little preference now to C#/F# framework, and C++ v24 with their functional tool sets. I am very curious about deep learning (TensorFlow).

Underneath you will find the technology, managed languages and frameworks

EnvironmentFrameworkProgramming/Communication LanguagesDevelopment tool
Microsoft OfficeExcel, Access, Word, Project, Outlook, ADO.DB, DAOVBA, Python, C++, COMMicrosoft Visual Studio
Microsoft Windows XPWinFormVisual Basic 6, C++ 98
Microsoft Windows 7.Net, WPFC# (3.0 and later), XAML
Microsoft Windows 10.Net Core/.Net FrameworkC#, F#, VB.Net
IIS & Internet websiteASP.Net, Asp.Net MVC 3/4C#, HTML, JQuery
Web Service.Net, WCFC#, SOAP
DatabaseSQL ServerT-SQL (Transact SQL)
IOSCore frameworkObjective-C, CXCode
AndroidAndroid, JNI, OpenGLJava, C++Eclipse (ADT), AIDE
DatabaseOracleTransact SQLSQL Developper
JQuery, JQuery Mobile, AngularJS, GoogleMap API
Javascript, HTML, CSSFireBug, Google Chrome, Eclipse, Visual Studio, Notepad++
Zend, SymphonyPHPEclipse, Netbeans
Django APIPythonEclipse (PyClipse)
Big Data
Graph dataNeo4JCypherEclipse, Notepad++


My treated bi-directional language translation scope :

  • French – Native speaker
  • German – Goethe C1 Level
  • Russian – TRKI1 (B1 Equivalent level)
  • Polish – Native speaker
  • English – TOEIC (900/990 Score)

My specialization : technical document translation
(Mechanics, Informatics, Electronics)

Eager to have some communication translation possibilities


Since my youth, I was interested in computers and cars. I am currently building my own giant 3D machine to perform further technical improvement in that field.

I will be very eager to help you with my computer aided design and manufacturing knowledge :

  • Google Sketchup
  • 3ds Max

I can help you with my handcraft knowledge ;

  • Electric Welding (TIG, MIG, MMA, OxyAcethylenic) (Aluminium, Steel, Stainless, Copper)
  • 3D printing and plasting extruding
  • Mechanic metal processing (milling machine, lathe, forge…)

I am very passionate about handcrafting


Having a Reprap 3D printer controlled with an Arduino Card (and China derivative), I have the opportunities to design regularly electrical engine control system with cards controllers, drivers and power systems.

Tackled technologies

  • Arduino
  • Raspberry PI

I like electronics, welding and board designing.