Researched projects


Working as commando developper for the Cash reinvestment desk of Societe General Securities Services during now 2 years, I designed or recast every functionnalities of their investment program

Thus I can now tackle the following topic on the money market :

  • Risk analysis (Greeks, Ratings)
  • Investments model and process integration
  • Order commitment and settlement process establishment
  • Profit and Lost calculation

I am eager to have an experience on the Commodities or Forex market too.

Project Management

Very interested with management, I can :

  • Collect needs and synthetize them for projects
  • Make functional and technical analyzes
  • Create and structure communication method (Jira, BaseCamp…)
  • Divide project in milestones
  • Follow and manage project costs
  • Manage project human ressources and cope with cultural differences

The part which I prefer is the cultural ressource differences management and communication problem which may occur during the project because of I am very interested in foreign languages and communication


Having an experience of more than 10 years with computers and Information technology, I can cope with the following language, framework and thus architectures

At the following please find the technology and managed language and framework

EnvironmentFrameworkProgramming/Communication LanguagesDevelopment tool
Microsoft OfficeExcel, Access, Word, Project, Outlook, ADO.DB, DAOVBA, Python, C++, COMMicrosoft Visual Studio
Microsoft Windows XPWinFormVisual Basic 6, C++ 98
Microsoft Windows 7.Net, WPFC# (3.0 and later), XAML
IIS & Internet websiteASP.Net, Asp.Net MVC 3/4C#, HTML, JQuery
Web Service.Net, WCFC#, SOAP
DatabaseSQL ServerT-SQL (Transact SQL)
IOSCore frameworkObjective-C, CXCode
AndroidAndroid, JNI, OpenGLJava, C++Eclipse (ADT), AIDE
DatabaseOracleTransact SQLSQL Developper
InternetJQuery, JQuery Mobile, AngularJS, GoogleMap APIJavascript, HTML, CSSFireBug, Google Chrome, Eclipse, Visual Studio, Notepad++
Zend, SymphonyPHPEclipse, Netbeans
Django APIPythonEclipse (PyClipse)
Big Data
Graph dataNeo4JCypherEclipse, Notepad++


My treated bi-directional language translation scope :

  • French – Native speaker
  • German – Goethe B1 Level
  • Russian – TRKI1 (B1 Equivalent level)
  • Polish – Native speaker
  • English – TOEIC (900/990 Score)

My speciality : technical document translation (Mechanics, Informatics, Electronics)

Eager to have some communication translation possibilities


Since my youth, I was passionated with cars and motorcycle. My dream is to build my own vehicle (plane, motorcycle, cars), thus I afforded since many tools like a welding machine, 3D printer

Known computer assisted design programs :

  • Google Sketchup
  • 3ds Max

Handcraft knowledge

  • Electric Welding (TIG, MIG, MMA, OxyAcethylenic) (Aluminium, Steel, Stainless, Copper)
  • 3D printing and plasting extruding
  • Mechanic metal processing


Having a reprap 3D printer pilotted with an Arduino Card, I have the opportunities to design regularly electrical engine asservisement with cards controllers for designed systems

Tackled technologies

  • Arduino
  • Raspberry PI

I can make sensors system calibration and any other Amplifier or filter systems circuit design