My former projects

CRSS – From September 2013 – …

Societe Generale Securities Services is a service from Societe Generale which deals with financial products lending activity.

My problematic was to extend and maintain cash reinvestment platform on MS Access based structure

Tackled problematics :

  • Manage and commit a big amount of financial movement
    (Handled cash amount average size of 200 000 euro per yer and totally managed cash of 10 000 000 000 Euro)
  • Make product cash repartition per products daily viability

CNC – From August 2012 until September 2013

CNC (Centre National de la cin´┐Żmatographie) is a French organisation which deals with French cinema administration

This works consisted in designing, programming and installing an intranet website for the CNC

The intranet technical architecture was composed with three part :

  • SQL Server database
  • Web Service Layer
  • Internet server client which query the web service and provide internet HTML (internet) content for light client

Moocpad – From August 2013 until September 2013

Moocpad is one of the MOOC project

The aim of this project is to make knowledge and education available for everyone.

The concept is to provide every student some kind of Android tablet network linked with bluetooth to which other

This project was already deployed in a region of Tchad and reveal to have very good results.


In Optimix company i have to make studies with VBA

A marketing study of chocolate’s major actors

I designed too a customer portal for getting their ordered studies

Here the login page


As a trainee in Alstom i designed a management tool based on KPI. This was an excel workbook which aim to collect Alstom project progresses

Tagzen – From September 2008 until June 2010


This was a project of silencious lawn mower

We were five students who made research about cut technologies and who designed a new kind of lawn mower

Some aspects of this project remain secret

During this project i coped with :


We designed the whole block of the lawn mower


During this project i designed the content of the internet website and other communication support