2013 -> 2016 – SG – Commando Developer

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Commando Developer (VBA, Python, C++) – Revenue Cash Reinvestment desk support

EmploymeNt Dates sept. 2013 – avr. 2016

Employment Duration 2 ans 8 mois

LOCATION Paris , France

Support and implementation of new program’s functionalities in commando style development (very-fast development) alloying the reinvestment of the cash generated by security lending activities.

Achieved activities :

Functional achievements :
– Achievement of an automatic cash allocation tools for cash distribution with target allocation ratios in Mutual-Funds.
– Programming and improvement of Profit and Lost reporting tools (Performance improvement, new reporting methods setting up…)
– Back office flow achievement and management (Position movement, Cash movement, Security movement, Performance…)
– Monitoring and support activities
– Assistance and retro-engineering of the achieved scripts in commando style

Technical achievement :
– Performance improvement in order to cope with volumes increase with ordered and treated deals (achievement of ACID interfacing between achieved software and database). ADODB Framework
– VBA routines Writing / Re-Writing
– Performance critical VBA script to C++ rewriting
– Applicative migration from VBA Access to MS .NET
– VBA Software adaptation in order to migrate it from Windows XP to Windows 7

Transverse achievement :
– Jython’s DLL writing (Python compiled in Java ByteCode) in order to integrate VBA commando written script in Reuters Kondor K+ package software.