Welder cart project

When you buy a welder, very often the welder does not come with it’s own support cart. Very often your first welding project can be to weld your own carret.

Inspirate yourself

In order to build a cart you should know what are the primary and asides functionalities that the cart should propose. Google Shopping or Bing Shopping are a good source of information.

Another thing to check is the welder manufacturer proposals.

In my case this was the proposal of the manufacturer…

Do not reinvente everything, choose a good basis…

I had to find a good basis, in my case that was a dolly truck.

Diable rigide HAILO, charge garantie 150 kg | Leroy Merlin

Generally the point that you have to check with such products are the price and the presence of the a majority og the component that you need for your project. Entry-level product which are at the same time call product gather those properties.

Check your solution viability

Another thing to check is to check if there is no cheapest solution than the general cost of my project. If the cheapest solution respond to your quality expectation there is no reason to involve into this project and go buy the solution.

Design time

Create a CAD design of your project that report every measurement of the project. Take care of the simplicity of the solution/cart. Complexe stuff are generally expensive to build.

My carret CAD design

The result

After multiple iteration cycle at the end the cart is like this…

Two used dolly truck and one metal sheet.

Missing enhancement :

  • Alimentation cable reel.
  • Welding attachment strap
  • other stuff…

Beware ! The trap here, as you have the power to enhance your trolley is to make a thing that is over complicated. Keep that in mind : Keep it simple as possible !